Most of the popular European sports today can associated back with the history and heritage of the European countries. From football to Rugby, the history of each sport in Europe owes its fame to the beautiful history and heritage of a particular region. For instance, Rugby was a game popular amongst the elite groups of Britain, later being recognized in Ireland, northern Italy and Southern France. Let us review the 10 best sports of Europe.


Introduced in late 19th century, Tennis is believed to be the most beloved sport of French men. Originally, the game was originated at a local level in France in 12th century. Earlier, the ball was struck with hand instead of a racket. Louis X of France is referred to as the first most popular tennis players who established the first tennis court. In the late 16th century, the concept of racket was introduced and tennis was played with opponents.


The national sport of Britain, cricket is always regarded as an English game. Earlier, cricket was popular as creckett, and was mostly played at Guildford, Surrey in about 1550. Although most of us believe that the word cricket is derived from English language, indications suggest that the word was a combination of Flemish, French and Dutch meanings. Cricket became the national sport of UK in 18th century. The game started to become popular across the globe in a very short period of time.


Boxing is a Greek game, popular in the Olympics of 688 BC. Later, boxing found a firm ground in England sometime in the 16th century. The establishment of modern rules and court rooms for boxing were established in 18th century. In 2004 ESPN ranked the sport as the most difficult game of the world. Boxing is one of the most admired sport of Europe.


Rugby is often called a development or a game inspired by football, however it is the other way round. Rugby union and rugby league are the two most popular branches of Rugby famous in Europe. Traditionally, the game was associated with the elite groups, however today it is played at commercial and local level as the most exciting game. Six Nations Championships is a popular Rugby tournament held in Europe with France, Italy, England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland’s participation.


Football is the most popular sport of the world. With its simple and easy to understand rules, it can be played at any playground of the world. The game in Europe has moved around various directions. The family of football includes Australian rules, Rugby, American Football and Gaelic.


The oldest skis were from Russia and the sport was thought to be introduced in 6300 BC. Alpine ski competition was first organized in Australia and America while the earliest skiing club was established in 1861. Skiing is also divided into two categories: Alpine and Nordic. Today it is one of the most popular sport in Europe.


Golf is the next most popular game of the world with highest popularity in Australia, Europe and Asia. Many high esteem fitness clubs in Europe today have Golf grounds.

Ice Hockey:

A professionally played game, Ice Hockey is a game with most fame in Norway, Russia, Sweden and Finland.


Basketball is another popular game in Europe with several clubs and courts established at local and commercial level.


Europeans are a fan of motorsports. Formula one, World Rally and FIA are the famous European championships. When it comes to motorsports, it is mostly the drivers who are the star of the sport.

Written by TomRodd