Regardless of the fact that sports has been on a decline from the last five years in United Kingdom, some sports just never lose their charm. Here are the 5 most popular sports in UK.


Football has always been top on the list when it comes to popular sports in UK. Following the local league system, the British world of football encompasses hundreds of teams. The world famous premier league has 20 elite teams with sportsmen selected from all across UK. Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool are the most renowned premier league teams of the world. The football team of United Kingdom is supported by the Football Association which is the oldest governing body of football games in the world. Capital one Cup and FA Cup are two of the most prestigious UK football championships. A total of 92 football clubs with 4 major divisions participate in these tournaments every year.


The national game of Britain, Cricket is the second most popular sports of UK. It would interest you to know that cricket was first initiated in UK and then later became a world famous sports, spreading to hundreds of regions in the world. In the 18th century, when cricket was introduced at a national level, players and researchers gathered at MCC- Marylebone Cricket Club, located at Lord’s Cricket ground to draft the cricket rules. Currently, there are about 20 cricket clubs in UK with hundreds of teams all across the country.


The third most popular game in UK is Rugby. Rugby was previously a sport played by the elite group of the Britain society which later increased in popularity. Today, Rugby is the most admired game, played at every nook and corner of the country. As Football, Rugby is also backed up the government body, known as the Rigby Football League of UK. North West England, Yorkshire, and Cumbria host rugby as the most beloved game of the region.


In racket games, badminton is the most popular racket games of UK. Associated with the tradition and heritage, Badminton goes long back in the history of UK. In 1893 The Badminton Association of England was founded which slowly achieved the status of Badminton England, as the largest Badminton governing body in UK with an international recognition.


Tennis is another famous sports in UK. The world’s most popular Tennis tournament was first initiated in UK, called as Wimbledon. Wimbledon is out of the four grand slams that comprise of US, Australian, French and Wimbledon open tennis tournament. This sports in UK does not only attract millions of sports lovers from all across the country, but also a large number of tourists each year. Although tennis originally was an individual sport, Lawn tennis is the 2nd most famous racket game of Britain. Tennis is one of those games that are skill based. And therefore many schools and colleges of Britain encourage this sports by introducing competitions and tournaments at a local level.



Written by TomRodd