The industry of sports is vast and is becoming more and commercialized every day. The business of sports in the last few years has become more competitive than it was before. With the involvement of media and social networks, each and every sports brand strives to be highlighted as the best. However, there are a few sports goods brand that marked themselves as the best long before such competition originated in the market. They are, in simple words, the one that set standard for the rest of the sports market.

Here are the 10 richest brands of sports providing the highest quality goods


Reebok is the first most important sport shoes manufacturer and the first one to be listed in the billion club. In the list of most expensive sports brand and related companies, Reebok is listed on number 6th. Generating a revenue of $1.1 billion today, Reebok was first introduced in 1896 in England. Reebok recently suffered through a loss of $0.1 billion as it stopped providing NFL with the exclusive sports kit. Reebok however is the most popular sports brand in the world, the products and goods of which are highly regarded and recommended by sportsmen across the globe.


An American accessories and sportswear brand, Armour was established in 1996. It was the first to introduce moisture wicking sports T-shirts manufactured with microfibers. The purpose of these T shirts was to keep the athletes dry and comfortable for as long as possible. By the year 1999, Armour was assigned the project of designing outfits for the movies The Replacements and Any Given Sunday by Warner Bros. Armour today is one of the richest brands in sports all across the globe.



Adidas is a world renowned sports footwear and clothing brand. It is a German brand with its affiliation with Reebok, Rockport and Taylormade. Adidas was introduced by Adolf Dassler, as he separated from Puma, a sports brand owned by Adolf and his brother. The rivalry between the two brands still remains. As per the reports by Forbes magazine, Adidas has become one of the most prominent brand, manufacturing above 5,000 outfits for the London Olympics in 2012. The brand has received more than 30% medals. Adidas is the third richest brand of the world when it comes to sports good.


Who does not know Nike? The number 1 sports brand of the world Nike is listed number 1 both in terms of quality of the goods and the richest sports brand in the world having a value as high as $1.73 billion. Nike is the manufacturer of the athletic footwear, dominating more than 20% of the sport show market for the world. Nike was established in 1994, and was first called “Blue Ribbon”. In 1971 the name changed to Nike Inc. Nike is not only a shoe manufacturer but a manufacturer of some of the most desired sports accessories in the world. Nike is also the official NFL uniform provider in USA.

Written by TomRodd