The United States is a nation obsessed with sports. Sports is their culture. It is difficult to claim that any other country of the world is as enthusiastic about sports- in terms of both participation and observation as United States.

Although all types of sports have their own importance in US, some of them without any doubt are the favorites. Out of all, the two most popular sports in US are football and baseball- so much so that today it has become absolutely impossible to picture the country without these two sports. However, it would be interesting to know that these two games of America have not yet crossed the North American border. The Americans do not only love to watch football at home, but the enthusiast travel in thousands to be at a stadium. In 2012, it was reported that NFL has more than 67,604 attendance at every football game.

Ranked as number three is basketball with a worldwide following. Coming next on is hockey with active leagues all across the globe. Both hockey and basketball in America have set a standard of the giving the most professional competition to the world in this sport.

Other Favorite sports

Interestingly, soccer, regardless of the endless number of jokes on the game, it has been one of the most passionately loved game in many regions of the country.

Today, things have started to change for the American soccer team. Recently, it has earned a deserving amount of respect in many global tournaments. The national women’s tea, has been consistently successful in the previous two decades and ranked as one of the best teams of the world.

Next to soccer are the motor sports of the country. As most of the sports lover across the globe are partial towards rally racing and formula one, America’s most popular motor sports is car racing that is referred to as NASCAR. Car racing is mostly popular in Southern U.S, and is usually held at oval tracks instead of other racing series. The attraction here is neither the car nor the track; but the driver.

Other popular sports:

  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Martial arts
  • Track & field
  • Lacrosse (famous in East side)

Importance of Sports:

The entire world is enthusiastic about sports. There would hardly be any country that does not promote sports in children- while extending it to a commercial level. From leagues to small scale competition, the U.S has always promoted sports.

At an early age, children are exposed to facilities, equipment and challenges at their disposal. Children with talent and skill at sports are encouraged and given great importance to. This is the reason why most of the U.S children becomes athletes, attaining a public status that is rarely seen anywhere else in the world. Children with less privileged family backgrounds can easily get into colleges at the basis of sports. This not only increases the potential of finding talent from all across the country but also encouraging sports and increasing its social importance.

Written by TomRodd